Educational and Funny Toy - Children's Universe™
Educational and Funny Toy - Children's Universe™
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Educational and Funny Toy - Children's Universe™

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    Important : Please note that with the festive season, we will be out of stock very soon. The next edition will unfortunately not be available until January 2021.

    Take advantage NOW because we will no longer be able to meet the high demand at the end of the stock.


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    Are you looking for an original and fun gift ?


    Discover this new toy that will captivate your child while awakening
    his senses 


    Here is the "Balloon Powered Car"

    😋 Learn while having fun ! 

    Children are more and more attracted by tablets, consoles and other electronic toys and this concerns the youngest among them as well. Many parents complain about this and no longer want to see their children spend so much time in front of a screen ! Then discover the toy that will capture their attention while stimulating them. The ideal solution for learning while having fun.


    🧐 An original way of working

    This toy allows tou to drive small cars and launch an astronaut into space !

    This is possible thanks to a pump and balloon system.

    All you need to do is :

    • Place the balloon at one end of the toy
    • Inflate it with the pump.
    • Press a small button when the balloon is filled with air.

    The air will thus accumulate in the balloon, finally escaping from it and creating the energy necessary for the propulsion of the various small machines.



    😍 An educational toy, which contributes to your child's awakening

    Playing is an integral part of their education. It is therefore essential to arouse their curiosity and encourage them to experiment from a very young age.

    Thanks to Power Balloon, your child will learn how to inflate a balloon easily without putting it in his mouth and how to use it to propel toys.

    Little by little, he will integrate the logic and rules of physics behind this playful activity.

    These may be his first steps as an astronaut or Formula 1 pilot! 🤗 



    😇 Quality design for a safe result 

    The materials used in manufacture of our toy are of quality and suitable for children. It is made of ABS plastic which is BPA free and non-toxic.

    The entire product is designed with rounded corners. The object is light and its surface is very smooth and does not damage the child's skin.

    So you can watch your child play safely !

    🤤 No batteries required ! Practical and above all ecological  🌎

    Today, many toys require the use of polluting energies such as batteries or even a USB charger.

    Here, the Power Balloon uses two totaly renewable energies : air and movement !

    Specifications of the Power Balloon :

    • For children from 3 years old
    • Materials : ABS, BPA-free


    The Basic Pack contains  :

    • 1 pump (cube)  : ( 11.5 cm / 22.5 cm )

    • 2 cars : ( 8.5 cm / 5.5 cm )

    • 8 balloons 

    The Full Pack contains :

    • 1 pompe (cube)  : ( 11.5 cm / 22.5 cm )

    • 2 cars + 1 crab on wheels : ( 8.5 cm / 5.5 cm )

    • 1 launching platform

    • 1 astronaut + 1 rocket  (3.5 cm / 1.5 cm)

    • 12 balloons 


    Basic Pack


    Full Pack